Time Out

Antti Kirves

We started working on the new Photo Raw about one year ago. We invited professionals from the field of photography to contribute ideas on what makes a good magazine. We got our hands on heaps of ambitiously crafted magazines to browse and analyze. We fondled papers, drafted layouts, planned and developed story formats. Countless hours of brainstorming, and then we rolled up our sleeves.

After working on this for months, we had to encounter something we hadn’t anticipated. We had already gone through the reshaping process with the editorial staff and showed the new magazine to our international board, comprised of photographers we hold in high regard. They all liked what they saw. But still something didn’t feel right.

Seven years ago we established Photo Raw quickly and with great enthusiasm. In hindsight, it’s clear that we acted spontaneously and without a plan. Now the situation is completely different. In spite of all the first-class ingredients we found ourselves putting together a creative work which just didn’t excite us. Something was missing. And to be quite honest, the spirit of the magazine had got lost somewhere along the way.

As a result, we have decided to publish Photo Raw one more time in its current format. Then we need to slow down to give birth to the new magazine. We need to draw up more drafts, fondle more papers, plan, and think things over. We need to kill our darlings to better serve the whole.

The creative pause will help us to develop Photo Raw into an even more mature product. It will distill ideas that carry their weight even years from now.

One idea has crystallized during the process: we want to develop Photo Raw into a magazine that will keep you engaged even after the first time you browse through its pages. We also want to offer something that propels the photographers themselves onward in their creative quest. We want to make a photography magazine that inspires you to experiment and visualize things in a fresh way.

Challenging what you are doing can be the beginning of something new. You need the courage to stop and change your course. The new Photo Raw will have 160 pages and be published three times a year.

The relaunch will take place in October 2014, also marking the seventh anniversary of Photo Raw magazine.

Hannamari Shakya