Back and Forth

New York, United States. An urban farm in the Bronx, where more than 1500 clients work together to realize the hope of rehabilitation and recovery for some of New York’s most vulnerable.

Persona grata

Matteo Bastianelli

Matteo Bastianelli, is a freelance photographer and journalist from Rome. He graduated from La Scuola Romana di Fotografia in 2009. In his work Bastianelli studies social problems. His photos have been published for example in Burn, Blur,Corriere della Sera, Drome, Foto8, Liberazione, National Geografic Italia, and Private. In 2010 he won The Photo District News award. Bastianelli┬┤s Back and Forth tells about an urban farm in New York where people grew vegetables and received training in horticulture. Some of the people were homeless, others were drug addicts or had mental health problems. The Bridge community helps them and 1500 other disadvantaged people to get back their grip on life.