Raw View is a non profit magazine made by an exceptional group of professionals, writers, journalists, photo editors, graphic designers and translators working on a volunteer basis. In addition to the editorial staff, the magazine is aided by a team of ten international professionals.

The makers of Raw View are connected by a passion for photography and photographers. We want to create a community, and a place for photographers to publish their visionary documentary photo series with an artistic approach. To our readers we offer an inspiring high-quality magazine that is worth waiting for.

I believe that Raw View is one of the premier magazines on photography today. They continually go out of their way to search for photography that is of the highest caliber, and give a platform for new and older photographers who would probably not have the opportunity to get their works published. PRIMERA CLASE.

Joseph Rodriguez, documentary photographer, New York, USA

Raw View team

Hannamari Shakya, Editor, Founder
Teun van der Heijden, Art Director, Heijdens Karwei
Donald Weber, Photo Editor
Johan Hallberg Campbell, Photo Editor
Antti Kirves, Managing Editor
Susan Villa, Managing Editor
Penni Osipow, Graphic designer
Rian Dundon, Sub-editor
Kaisu Tervonen, Sub-editor
Scott Brauer, writer
Anni Kössi, Writer
Laura Vuoma, Writer
Sebastiaan Hanekroot, Reprograph
Lauri Soini, Web Designer
Markus Jokela, Godfather

International Raw View team:

Abir Abdullah, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Jodi Bieber, Johannesburg, South Africa
Arthur Bondar, Kiev, Ukraine
Cristina De Middel, London, United Kingdom
Tanya Habjouqa, East Jerusalem
Arpan Shrestha, Kathmandu, Nepal
Nina Strand, Oslo, Norway
Phil Toledano, New York, United States
Oksana Yushko, Moscow, Russia


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Publishing schedule 2014-2015

Raw View issue # 1 comes out on 2nd of November 2014.
Raw View issue # 2 comes out on 19th of February 2015.
Raw View issue # 3 comes out on 4th of June 2015.
Raw View issue # 4 comes out on 29th of October 2015.