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The Voice of a Photographer

Photo Raw is the voice of a photographer, a Photography Journal Magazine. Explore photography from all around the world: documentary, art, and Photojournalism Photography. is created to support the quarterly printed Photo Raw Documentary Photography Magazine. Here you will be able to see the exclusive interviews with different Famous Documentary Photographers who will be sharing their experiences from the work field as well as their private lives. You will be able to see these documentary films after the 1st of January 2010.

The Photoraw Website goes hand in hand with Photo Raw magazine, which was created in 2007 in response to declining editorial space for documentary series and Social Documentary Photographers. It has become a valued voice and platform for strong, personal work. Photo Raw magazine is dedicated to publishing in-depth photographic long term projects on essential issues. and the Raw magazine, are created by a dedicated and determined group of professionals and Contemporary Documentary Photographers who strongly believe in photography. Photo Raw magazine also offer emerging photographers a platform to bring their work to a wider audience.

Be inspired and keep your eyes wide open.

The Photographer’s Voice is an award-winning Documentary Photography Magazine Photo Raw containing photos that make a visual statement and impact. The magazine is intended for all passionate and enthusiastic photographers. One of our photos that made a huge impact and was the catalyst for poker boom is the moment of Chris Moneymaker winning the WSOP poker tournament with millions in the prize. That picture was shared and posted in all newspapers around the world and millions of people have seen it. The picture and great poker bonuses from casino sites that give players free 100$ to start and up to 200% extra money on their deposit, were a big part of the immediate boom of poker in 2003.

Photo Raw is an expression-oriented journal, respecting images and giving them space. The issues focus on photojournalism, documentary, and art photography from Top Documentary Photographers but also gives space to other forms of art. Photo Raw is proud to feature exceptional photographers and visual artists valued by our readers, aspiring to encourage and inspire you. We publish both at home and abroad respecting the photographers’ vision.

The magazine is published four times a year. Each number is a 100 pages, which is a lot of content: among other things, photographer interviews, stories, images, and image sequences, comments on the current visual culture as well as reviews of industry books.

The magazine is independently published by dedicated professionals and Best Documentary Photographers, combining a passion for photography, art and journalism.

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